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6-13-2008 . This is my very first time blogging .  My love for the idea of an adult pedal car first came to light in salinas, ca. at the library where i came across some pedal car idea's and one showed the "pedicar " which was something very unique .


The pedicar was invented by :"ROBERT.L BUNDSCHUH " The  abstract of the pedal car is as follows : An occupant -propelled  vehicle including a frame and running gear so constructed that  the total weight of the vehicle can be kept within limits which make it possible for the occupant to propell the vehicle at  reasonable speeds .


The frame includes a longintidinal main

beam and front and rear transverse members secured thereto.

  with an upright bracket secured to each end of the transvers    member  for attachment of a body shell and to support outboard    antifriction bearings for two independent axles , the inner ends of   the axles being journalled in antifriction bearings supported on  the main beam . 




After seeing this car i had tried in vain to write the company , it no longer exist and the address also of the japanese ? company that bought the rights , etc. to the pedicar and never received an answer back . 


I at one time was contacted by e-mail the late fathers daughter from another state who saw a website i had . she said she actually had one of the pedicars and was wanting to make them to sell i told her maybe she could get a goverment grant and so she said she would look into it i have not since heard from her and have lost her e-mail address now for some time .


I have seen other pedal cars and velomobiles but they are so expensive .


 I plan on creating a hopefully 3 wheel pedal car i have some plans from a while ago mine will have two wheels in front and one in the back .


i plan on using a used 18 speed bicycle for parts on part of the pedal car and a "t" shaped front frame that will have tie rod ends and bicycle wheels .


 I have drew up what design that i liked best that was sporty as i also want to have a light weight body on it to . it will have one seat . a small sterring wheel , shift gears for the 18 speeds .


This is the easiest way for me to cheaply fix a pedal car (human powered vehicle) with rising gas prices this can be used around towns (probably not along beside the highways that would depend on state laws ) .


actually as i look at the childrens lectric ride on toys and see how nice the plastic mold of the new mustang looks it would be nice if someone had a company who could make a body molded in color out of lightweight plastic  for an adult sized pedal car .

As gas prices keep soaring out of site many will find it not so rediculous to ride a bicycle or a pedal car around town oh their will always be die hards that won't do it or think its stupid or beneath them to do something like that and many will as i am seeing buy golf carts (still expensive expecially if ever the batteries have to be replaced !!) 

One thing about the pedal cars or three wheel recumberent type bicycles is that you have a regular light weight seat to sit in instead of the small seat of a regular bicycle .

Now days their is all the rage of the new hybred cars , etc. which is fine "if" you have all that money to shell out if you can even get one . 

With the right kind of pedal car if in the city one could even ride them to work . Not only would people say no to the big oil companies that are making record profits off the american and other nations but you could also get healthy exercise too !!

And i beleive if an adult sized pedal car that actually looked nice was a reasonable cost and looked nice with a sporty body would sell good enough that people would start buying them .

 Actually it won't be as hard to wean america and others off the gas guzzlers if gas prices keep rising and they (the adult sized pedal cars ) can and are made right and as i said look nice and not like some cheap toy ! people can be weaned away from their cars if the alternative looks nice (sporty, realistic, etc.)

I actually have an idea called super charger that should in theory let the user take off fast from a standstill (stop sign , etc. ) and then from later on start pedaling normally . This would solve holding up any traffic also this "super charger "system would give an extra boost to the driver when going up hills !!

I after creating my first 3 wheeler plan on adding this device to it (it's no motor ) .

 if nothing else my plans could change and i may put a mped type motor on this like the bicycle motors sold on ebay that are gasoline powered it should get around 100 miles to the gallon .  i would like to build one for me and one for my wife .   

 More than likely i will fix the three wheel design first with a bicycle set up then maybe later add the small gas motor .

I do still think if something like the pedicar human powered vehicle was made and looked more like an adult car and had a sportier body , etc. and sit up higher that people would buy them and actually use them !!

 but unless the japanese company that bought the patent rights ever does this i don't forsee that ever happening !

with gasoline prices so high i am surprised that the company that bought the patent rights to the pedicar doesn't redo some things and start a production on them .

So it's up to some companies who are selling various pedal car plans , etc. and of course the people who build human powered vehicles for their self !

America and actually the world has had a long love affair with their cars and trucks but with sky rocketing gas prices maybe its time to have a human powered vehicle as a first or second vehicle and if someone is really serious and wants to create a pedal car that looks like an actual adult ride (which could come with a manual convertable top , etc. ) and looks like a regular car (even though smaller ) their will be a market for them !!

 With adult looking pedal cars when companies get wise enough to create them and sell them i can see even many optioes to be offered for them such as engine sounders with a adjustable big cam sound that makes a hot rod engine sound as the pedal car vehicle rolls , i can see different cam sounds , tires, light weight mag rims that actually look like car rims , different levels of interior .

above is some idea's i have even thought about doing once i made a pedal car wether it be a three wheel design or a four wheel . 

I have an idea dealing with a spring tension and adjustable torque converter that will allow it to lock in powere and release it when needed for a fast take off from stop signs or even as a power boost up hills when pedaling , i call it the super charger . Even these super chargers i am talking about can be created with different strength in tension and have various super chargers and prices for each one . 


 although i havent been writting the date for each post i am now starting to. 

 I actually am surprised that their isn't more people or companies creating a adult sized "decent " looking etc. pedal car . guess gas prices havent gotten high enough yet , but its getting their ! 

If gas got expensive enough more people would drive adult pedal cars if they were made right and performed good and looked nice . If a peal car could be made with a light weight usb etc. body looked sporty enough people would buy buy them vehicles like this could be used in other countries where their is little or no gas , etc. 

Its' to bad a major bicycle maker doesn't create a pedal car like i am talking about for adults .

Getting adults to get away from the idea that driving a car is the only way to travel won't be easy but with the right company producing nice affordable adult pedal cars that have a nice sporty enclosed body  in mass production will ease peoples fear of being seen in one , etc. 

these pedal cars won't phase out the automobile because the automobile is needed for long range driving and for hauling materials but the adult pedal cars can ease peoples wallets at the gas pump if they use their pedal car around town to work or running errends instead of stopping at the expensive gas pumps and lining the pockets of the record profit making oil companies , lobbiest , etc.  

today is september 6- 2009 and i am finally writing again have been very busy i am also working on an a.i. system to on the side . i have now bought a used but in new like shape adult pedal go cart car its a single speed with low wide tires on it i as i said am planning on putting an 18 speed derailer bycles system on it to have multiple gears .

i have also been thinking about creating a split axile set up and with a cog on one side hook up a pedal that will when pushed creat a reverse for the car (turning one wheel ) .

i also am still interested in making my supercharger set up (my name i call it ) that will allow the pedal car to do a very fast take off from a starting point !! i know how to do it its just a matter of time and of money !

also will be as i said earlier placing 20 inch bicycle wheels (with mag type rims ) on this pedal car . 

i may be looking into setting the frame height up higher this and with the 20 inch bicycle tires will give a better viability of the pedal car on the road which as a saftey factor i think is important . 

later a home made body will be cut and put together . 

when i get it finished i will show it on utube . thats all for now !

 Today is 8-21-2009: I have been checking the frame of the pedal car to see where i need to have it modified i am debating on the rear section of cutting part of it and adding more medal on the frame to raise the height up and reweld it in place or have a whole new section built for the rear end and cut the other off and just replace with the new ( i beleive this would be easier as i am also going to put in a multispeed bicycle rear end and derailer system ) . on the front i beleive the best and easiest way will be to cut the joints on the front spindles (axiles ) and add ( weld stell tubes in place ) this will also raise the front area up without bothering the tie rod area . the front stud area (axile ) for the new 20 inch size bicycle wheels may have to be adapted to fit the 20 inch wheel size hole .

As i start to do this modifications i am going to video tape it and take pics to keep track of all that is actually done as for now this is just being planned out . will write more later .

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Posted on 06:35AM on Nov 12th, 2008
I haven't actually read all of your post, forgive me. My elderly aunt, in Illinois, owns one of these cars and has it stored in her garage.

My question -- if eestor is actualized, can such a low weight energy source be added to this frame and connected in such a way that the pedaller can help recharge it?
Posted on 10:25AM on Dec 21st, 2008
i too would like a pedal car i live in manchester england i dont know where u r from but i have plans my self im intrested in your super charger
Posted on 10:54PM on Mar 2nd, 2009
If you are still out there please let me hear from you. I live in a small town with a 10+ mile bike path. I have about 30 bikes and have been playing with some pedal car ideas.
Posted on 07:13AM on Oct 7th, 2009
My son and me just built one home made teenage or adult size pedal car (4 wheels bike). I am just writing web pages with detailed instructions and plans about our project.

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